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          I am a technical artist with experience in VR, UI, rapid prototyping, experimenting with new hardware, with a special interest UX design. To firmly grasp new technologies, I have worked extensively on designing and rapidly prototyping new VR experiences in Unity. Using my skills as an artist and programmer i can not only design an idea, but also implement it quickly and efficiently into whatever new medium necessary.  

          My main focus in work is to present an idea to a person in a way where i can minimize misunderstandings by emphasizing clarity and simplicity. If i'm presenting an idea to a team, i will find a firm understanding of their concerns, draw pictures, and use clear language to encourage their participation and hopefully build on the idea i'm proposing. If i'm creating a button for a user interface, i will take what the user might already know about the medium, consider the functionality of the button, and bring the project atheistic all together to visually teach the user what they need to know about the button when they use it. If i'm creating a script, i will structure it to be modular with clear functionality to allow it to be easily reused and built on by future programmers.

          When i'm not working i am always looking to expand my understanding about the world around me. Any opportunity i get to experience something new i will jump at it with open arms. I believe that in order to make the best of life, i must be willing to listen to new ideas, educate my self and others, and try new things even if i am uncomfortable with them. My Interests include science, education, design, games, music, and people.